Password-protected portalspowered by Notion databases

Easily share partial views of Notion databases with collaborators without adding them to your workspace

Three simple steps
to build your own portal


1. Connect to Notion

Connect to your Notion workspace and share the pages and databases you wish to use in your portal.

2. Customize Views and Permissions

Customize how databases are displayed and which users can see or update information based on who is logged into the portal.

3. Publish

Connect to a domain and publish your portal to the web. You can use youe own domain or a subdomain of

No coding required

Build no-code apps using Notion databases

Notion API integration

Manage access to the integration from within Notion and only share the pages you need to build the app.

Data stays in Notion

Data is stored in Notion and it stays there. Continue managing and updating databases from within Notion and use any other integrations and automations alongside Makr.

Password-protected pages

Provide Notion or non-Notion users with restricted access to your databases by adding a role-based permissions system to your app. Keep some pages public and others behind a login wall.

Property-level permissions

Control which properties are viewable or editable depending on the logged in person. No complicated permissions set up required. Choose from input or readonly options for each property and we will automatically set the permissions for you on the backend!

Preview as any user

Preview the app as any one of your users directly from within the app builder to confirm that you have set up all permissions correctly.

Native forms

Use forms to populate Notion databases. Dynamically set default values or hidden fields based on the logged-in user. Forms are a native feature in apps made with Makr so you don't have to worry about finding a third-party integration and embedding it as an iframe.

Custom user interfaces

Customize the layout of items in a database view and choose from various ways to display each Notion property. For example, a file property can show a preview if it is an image or a PDF. Unlike in Notion, properties on a card can be editable.

Custom domains

Publish your app on your own domain or pick a subdomain of for free.

Build the ideal workflow
your business needs

Client Portals

Provide Notion and non-Notion users with restricted access to your databases by adding a role-based permissions system to your Notion workflow.

Employee Portals

Let your employees see and manage their information, track time across projects, teams, or clients, request time off, or find information about the company and their coworkers.

Task Management

Let employees or contractors only see their own tasks even if you use a central database for task management. If you use multiple private teamspaces, you can let managers see tasks or information across teams.

Powerful features without any code

Get the most out of Notion without writing any code.

User accounts and permissions
Control visibility of pages or blocks based on user attributes like team, role, organization, etc.
Password-protected pages
Keep some pages public and others behind a login wall
Property-level permissions
Control who can view and edit specific properties in your Notion databases
Partial database views
Dyanmically filter and sort your Notion databases based on the logged-in user
Add forms to populate Notion databases and prepopulate fields based on the logged-in user
Custom UI for database properties
Customize the layout of items in a database view and select from various ways to display properties
Embed anywhere
Embed your app anywhere on the web, including Notion pages to bring custom layouts and permissions to your workspace
Multi-page apps
Build multi-page apps and add a navigation bar to easily navigate between pages
Custom domains with free SSL
Use your own domain and set up free SSL certificates within minutes

Start for free
pay for advanced features



  • Build and preview apps
  • Single-page apps
  • subdomain with SSL
  • Makr branding



  • User accounts and permissions
  • Multi-page apps
  • Property editing permissions
  • Forms to populate Notion databases
  • Notion Database views - tables, lists, or cards
  • Custom domain with SSL
  • Remove Makr branding